Introducing Uptime, a Remote Monitoring Application That Just Works (Screencast)

Too broke to pay Pingdom a lot of money to monitor more than 5 sites? Tired of configuring PRTG for days and not getting a usable chart? Obliged to aggregate QoS data from several websites to produce an overall indicator? Do you have specific requirements that no existing website monitoring solution offer, but that you could hack into an open-source application?

Then Uptime is for you. Easy to setup, capable of handling thousands of checks, supporting slave servers and extensible through plugins, Uptime provides reports about availability, responsiveness, and response time. Oh, and in addition to a gorgeous web interface, Uptime provides a REST API to integrate with your own applications.

See for yourself in this demo video:

Uptime is open-source, it's built using Node.js and MongoDB, and it just works. If you decide to use it, just tell your friends about it!

Published on 28 Mar 2012 with tags MongoDB NodeJS open source uptime

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