Uptime 1.2 is released

Uptime, the remote monitoring application that generates gorgeous reports about your sites availability and responsiveness, continues to evolve. 

The latest version, tagged v1.2, offers https and udp checks, allows to pause a check, and is even easier to extend. The complete changelog is available on GitHub.

Uptime 1.2 is releasedUptime is also a good example of full-featured Node.js application. Leveraging the Mongoose ODM, socket.io, ejs templates, and of course the express microframework, the Uptime code goes way beyond all the simple test applications available on GitHub. If you want to learn Node.js, diving into the Uptime code may be a good idea. You will learn how to mount an express application into another one, how to do map/reduce with mongoose, how to design a service-oriented architecture within a single Node application, and how to minimize the WebSocket traffic for better responsiveness.

And Uptime is also a good tool to deeply monitor an application. Does your website use different tools for the frontend, the backend, the API, the forum, the user comments? Monitor them all, and aggregate the statistics automatically using tags, a feature that no other monitoring tool provides.

Published on 21 Apr 2012 with tags NodeJS open source uptime

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