What a Happy New Year

2013 is beginning the most incredible way. Starting tomorrow, my first two employees will join me to work on a very exciting project. Not only do I get to work early in the product development process, with the methods and tools I like (Node.js, TDD, SCRUM, Lean Startup), I also have the chance to have convinced very talented developers to join the ship. 

Succeeding at building a sustainable business is very satisfactory; it means that I can earn a good living while doing what I truly like. But creating jobs is an entirely new story. Somehow being an entrepreneur wasn't such a fantastic position until this moment, when I stop selling my own expertise to start building something bigger than myself, together with teammates.

That's why I can say at this very moment that a company is born. We form a team of passionate web experts. We promote product innovation, open-source and agile methodologies. We help other companies build new web products and services, find their way through new usages and technology. 

And we're still hiring, by the way.

Published on 01 Jan 2013 with tags not technical

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